A harm-reduction manual for users of psychedelics and particularly for organizers of transformational festivals.

Progress in Harm Reduction: The Manual of Psychedelic Support 2015

The first edition of an interesting and very useful harm reduction manual has been published: The Manual of Psychedelic Support is a conjoint effort by researchers, festival organizers, psychologists, psychotherapist and artists.

Anybody involved in organizing, preventing harm, maximizing benefits or researching about the effectiveness of all this should know this publication.

Screen and print versions are available her:

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New publication on Risk Perception in „Substance Use and Misuse“

What’s the role of risk perception in prevention, harm-reduction and drug policy?

In the RISA study at the University of Heidelberg (2002-2013) we have work on very different aspects of substance use and the cultural forms it is embedded in. Using qualitative and quantitative methodology we were able to shed light on different aspects of human behavior surrounding the uses of psychoactives.

An article from my team just published in the journal „Substance Use and Misuse“ analyses 10-year-longitudinal data from students and emerging adults from the RISA study: Development of Risk Perception and Substance Use of Tobacco, Alcohol and Cannabis Among Adolescents and Emerging Adults: Evidence of Directional Influences (Dennis Grevenstein, Ede Nagy, Henrik Kröninger-Jungaberle).

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