The topic of this blog is integration as a method and goal in psychology, pedagogy, social work, therapy and politics.

Integration is the process of ‘forming wholeness’. Parts or aspects come together in a larger functional context. That way meaning, consistency and coherence develop. And often novel perspectives unfold.

On the psychological level integration means “functional cooperation (or concurrence)” of psychological parts or aspects. On the cognitive level it’s often about assimilation and accommodation. On the the emotional and physical level it’s about perceiving and accepting novel, unfamiliar and conflict-laden aspects of the self.
On the social and cultural level integration is about embedding individuals in a larger social group and incorporating the alien and novel into a cultural environment.
In the public use of the term “integration” is commonly associated with persons, whose social integration (inclusion) is difficult due to outstanding characteristics (poor language proficiency, handicaps, distinctive appearance etc.) – those who run the risk of being excluded and discriminated.

Over and over the blog is about awareness as instrument and ethical attitude – lastly about awareness as an instrument of accomplishing integration. Sometimes this awareness is about meditative consciousness – a form of being which is not primarily about action and is more than bourgeois life style kitsch. “Awareness” may be a humanistic-ecological value system, modern spiritual art of living and “breathing” social criticism.

In this blog you’ll find reports about professional events, too, critical reflexions about every-day-life, which may have private origins and quotes or pictures – theoretical, political or poetical fragments. Because my colleagues and me are concerned with the topic of psychoactive substances professionally this subject may often emerge. Enjoy!