My research deals with prevention and (health) education, psychoactive substances and psychotherapy with creative methods.

I think in an transdisciplinary way and like to draft theory. This happens on the basis of systematic reasoning and quantitative as well as qualitative data. From 1996-2014 I worked at the Institute of Medical Psychology, Centre for Psychosocial Medicine at the University of Heidelberg (in different roles). Between 2002-2013 I was engaged in the DFG-Collaborative Research Area 619 “Ritual dynamics” (see also RISA). There I conducted longitudinal research about the effects of ritual and ritualizations (on psychological processes in general and drug use in particular). Beyond my roots in psychology and medicine I consider myself to be lucky in having had the opportunity to participate in a “wild” research context of medievalists, indologists, cultural anthropologists, political and social scientists. It was there that I shoved my thinking and debating abilities one step further.
With the life skills programme REBOUND I started health education research over the last years. This has also started a practice of working together with professionals from social and youth work.

Outlook: In 2016 my colleagues and me founded an independent research institute within the frame of the non-profit FINDER. We work together with Universities and private research institutions. Our topics comprise prevention, therapy and risk competence. That includes the integrative use of psychoactive substances and a serious and reliable psychotherapy assisted by psychedelic substances.