RISA is a longitudinal research project, having been financed by the German Research Organisation (DFG) from 2002-2013. It was conducted at the Institute of Medical Psychology at the University Hospital Heidelberg and located within the Collaborative Research Area “Ritual dynamics” – which investigated multiple dimensions and forms of rituals as well as their change and dynamics. RISA translates into Ritual dynamics and Salutogenesis in the use and misuse of psychoactive substances”. Beginning in the summer of 2002 and ending in 2013 we collected field, interview and questionnaire data about the use and misuse of psychoactives. In this 10-year study we were interested in the structuring role of ritual, in non-problematic and controlled forms of drug use and information that contributes to the improvement of prevention and harm-reduction (safer use).

Books, papers and thesis that were written in this project are listed here. More publications building on data from the project are in work. A main point will be the development of a concept for “integrative use of psychoactives” – being a salutogenetic counterpart of misuse and addiction.