A book for young people and adults

High Sein. Ein Aufklärungsbuch” (“On being high. What you need to know”) is a reading for all those who are curious, abstinent or users, parents or friends, school principals and prevention teachers – all those who don’t want to limit their questions about alcohol, cannabis and co. to accidents, breakdowns and risks. The non-fiction book was published in 2015 by Rogner & Bernard-Verlag (in German language) and I have written it together with Jörg Böckem. It’s a competent introduction in the most important aspects of this topic and has been received positively in press and expert groups. The book combines authentic stories of users with an illustrated presentation of topics, theories and facts.

  • Why do people take drugs (like alcohol and cannabis)?
  • How does a positive, non-problematic and non-addictive use of alcohol, cannabis and other substances work?
  • How does a negative and addictive use work? How do people work themselves out of this?
  • The first, the second, the last time
  • How do drugs work?
  • Sex and drugs
  • School, family and friends
  • Festivals, partys and celebrating

“High Sein” is harm-reduction and at the same time provides sober insights into the culture of intoxication as it is shaped by users, abstinent people, therapists, counsellors, politicians, scientists and journalists. Follow how “High sein. Ein Aufklärungsbuch” is discussed in press, radio and tv. Comments, photo art, excerpts of book reviews.

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