High sein informs in a objective, well-grounded and especially not in a patronising manner about psychoactive substances and the low-risk and high-risk use of it. The authors use a diversified and very appealing mixture of well researched and variously prepared hard facts relating to drugs and addiction, biographial field reports of different people who got connected with psychoactive substances more or less succesfully and a bit of pharmacology. A colourful selection of different pictures of the photographers Fabian Hammer and Kathrine Uldbaeck Nielsen and the cooperation with the two young co-authors Immanuel Jork and Julian Kluttig complete the book.

With this mixture of the well exemplified experiences of young people and comprehensibly prepared hints, tips and facts High sein offers a comprehensive instruction to minimise the risk of a break-down and enjoy the positive aspects of drug use instead. For this reason, the concisely information about the different substances which are even interesting and informative for people who know a lot about the subject of drugs.

As far as I am concerned High sein can be absolutely recommended to every person who´s interested in getting an informed view in context of the subject of drugs.“

Extract from:  Harlekin, Grazer Kontaktladenzeitung, September  2015

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