Unexcited, well-grounded.

There are very few people living a life without any drugs – even if hard drugs are not part of daily life in every culture like in Korea and China, for example. There some people use ya’aba for example, which is nearly pure Methamphetamin. Nevertheless, caffeine is a drug, too. In a world of strikingly schizophrenic attitudes relating to drugs such truisms cannot be repeated often enough. Particularly alcohol is the most harmful drug regarding its psychological and physical consequences. Alcohol is followed by heroin, crack, methamphetamine, cocaine and tobacco. „Spiegel“ journalist Jörg Böckem and drug and prevention researcher Henrik Jungaberle present a lot of important knowledge like this in their book „High sein. Ein Aufklärungsbuch“. „The idea of the book“, the former heroin junkie Böckem says, „was writing an education book about drugs without prejudice. It’s about providing global and comprehensible information about different kind of drugs. We don´t want to demonize or glorify drugs. Thereby, the readers have the opportunity to shape their own opinion and to reach a well-founded decision.“

 The authors succeeded felicitously. The book deals with biochemical modes of operation, „reasonable“ and definitely not reasonable use of drugs, complete break-down and how to react in such a situation. Risk potentials are explicated plausibly, field reports of young people, illustrative charts and meaningful pictures complete the book. More well-grounded, unagitadet and prevailing drug education is almost impossible.

(Michael Saager, Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine, 11th of July 2015)