#DrugScience Conference series
FINDER Institute for Prevention Research
MIND European Foundation for Psychedelic Science
Academic thesis supervised by Henrik

Human development research applied to drug science

My research deals with human development, salutogenesis, prevention and (health) education, psychoactive substances and psychotherapy with creative methods. I conduct this research within the frame of the non-profit organizations FINDER and the MIND Foundation. Additionally I teach health and education related subjects at several academic institutions.
As a researcher I think in an transdisciplinary way and like to draft theory. This happens on the basis of systematic reasoning and quantitative as well as qualitative data. From 1996-2014 I worked at the Institute of Medical Psychology, Centre for Psychosocial Medicine at the University of Heidelberg (in different roles). Between 2002-2013 I was engaged in the DFG-Collaborative Research Area 619 “Ritual dynamics” (see also RISA). There I conducted longitudinal research about the effects of ritual and ritualizations (on psychological processes in general and drug use in particular). Beyond my roots in psychology and medicine I consider myself to be lucky in having had the opportunity to participate in a “wild” research context of medievalists, indologists, cultural anthropologists, political and social scientists for more than a decade. This was the Collaborative Research Area 619 (SFB 619). It was there that I shoved my thinking and debating abilities one step further. With the life skills programme REBOUND I started health education research that is continued with our current EU-project European Prevention Curriculum. My current research interests reach out to psychedelic science. Together with a growing number of colleagues we founded the science organization MIND European Foundation for Psychedelic Science. In this organization we consider ourselves part of the so called “third mission” of Universities. The MIND Foundation has and is building up close relationships with researchers from several Universities in and ouside of Europe as well as non-academic institutions.